Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Black Raspberry Vanilla - In the pot swirl challenge soap

Many of you who know me as a soaper should know that I don't normally do well with in-the-pot swirls. I tend to over mix or do something catastrophic where it doesn't come out right. I'm much more comfortable doing drop swirls or tiger stripe swirls. That being said I didn't have high hopes for this soap, but I thought I may as well try it.

Here are some pictures of the making of the soap.

Soap base is made, colors are on stand-by, now I just need to separate, color and fragrance this batch

Color complete!! This is not a black but a very dark purple. I love it! 

Raspberry color as a base

Add some purple

Then white... rinse and repeat.

Before I turned a spoon through it

Tried not to muddy it up, so I only put a teaspoon through this once.

Pour it all in. I'll admit, at this stage it looks like a muddy mess to me.

Scrape out all the jugs on top. Looks pretty!

Spoon the rest of the white on top and plop some M&P Blackberries on top. 

Glitter and done. Gorgeous dahlink. We shall see what it looks like when it's cut!

Ready to find out?

Here we go!

I'm actually quite thrilled with how it turned out. What I thought was going to be a disastrous mess ended up being quite a pretty swirl. I will definitely try this again. I've learned something from this go-round with the ITP swirl.. thicker trace is much better than thin trace. =) 

Thanks for reading this post and best of luck to all entrants. Thanks to Amy for this opportunity to show off our masterpieces (for we all are winners in the soapy books) and for the chance to try out new design techniques and/or try again with ones that are outside our comfort zones. 

Until next time!
Shannon @ Smellicious


  1. Success!!! Your soap turned out great! Yes, I really think a bit thicker trace works best with this technique. You nailed it!

  2. It looks delicious! Just like berries and cream. Yumm!

  3. about my favorite scent - they look so good

  4. Yummy! Looks great. I wish I could make a berry cake with a similar swirl.

    1. I'm sure you could do something similar. Maybe an ITP swirl and pour in several spots all through the cake mold?

  5. Looks good enough to eat, great job!

    1. This is a dangerous one because it smells good enough to eat as well lol. Thank you!

  6. Wow Shannon!!! Your soap turned out awesome lady!!! <3

  7. Very Scrumptious looking soap :) love the berries on top.

  8. Very pretty! Definitely looks edible. :)