Thursday, August 15, 2013

Making Apple Jack & Peel soap using the Holly Swirl method...

So this last week has been really interesting for me. My older two kids started school on Monday (my youngest starts Kindergarten on the 19th!) and while this usually brings about a sense of relief and much needed quiet in the house, my daughter's bus accommodations have somehow fallen through the cracks so I've been dealing with endless frustration at the incompetence and disorganization with our school district's transportation department instead. I was thrilled to be able to soap on Tuesday (temporarily get my mind off my petty troubles) and I made some Apple Jack & Peel soap, the first in my fall line. I decided I would make this my Holly Swirl entry for the Great Cakes Soap Works challenge this month. I really love how this came out.

So now I will post the making and cutting videos that have been uploaded on my YouTube channel below if you'd like to see me make this and cut it the same night. It's actually crazy for me to be able to cut my soap the same day I make it. I soap at room temperature and usually try my best to prevent gel so it's generally at least 24-48 hours before I can cut my soaps. I knew this fragrance would heat up so preventing gel would have been fruitless. I simply left it out to do it's thing and went to check on it 8 hours later and it's ready to unmold. 2 hours after the unmold I couldn't handle the wait so I cut it. It's AWESOME!!! Ok here are the videos... thanks for reading and watching and best of luck to all who have entered this contest!!!