Saturday, March 22, 2014

Drop Swirl Challenge - Great Cakes Soap Works

Here we are again for another Great Cakes Soap Works challenge!! This time it's for the drop swirl which I've done a bazillion times. Of course, I had to be difficult and use a fragrance oil I've never used before... the results are interesting to say the least. Here are some pictures of my process (you can click on the pics for a bigger view)...

The beginning
 Adding my lye solution
 Pretty colors!!!
 Adding my fragrance.... wait for it!
 Oy... it's ricing on me! I didn't add fragrance to the white
 Poured my base
 Plopped in my purple
 Drizzled some white on that
 Plop in some green..
 More base..
 Rinse and repeat

 Texturing the top
 Drizzle on the rest of the white
 Adding some glitter (a sample from The Conservatorie)
 Ta Da!!!! Ooooh how does it look inside??

Like that!! I'm surprised it came out so well!

It never fails that I'm doing a challenge and my soap misbehaves on me. I could have done this exact same soap with the same fragrance and it would have been fine.. I know the soap gremlins are out to get me lol. Anyway, lesson learned. From now on, for all challenges, I will use a fragrance I'm familiar with and I know how it will act.

I hope you liked this blog post, please tell me what you think in the comments below.



  1. It still looks great despite all the struggles! I also learned not to use a new fragrance for these challenges unless I have time to do a bunch of batches!

  2. Thanks, I'm surprised it turned out well at all, I thought it would be quite ugly lol.

  3. Reminds me of my first drop swirl - only yours turned out better! At least the colors are bold and beautiful, and it actually looks like a drop swirl! :)