Tuesday, February 18, 2014

First sniff impressions (taken from the video) Bramble Berry S.O.A.P. Panel fragrances

First impressions of the Bramble Berry mystery fragrances:

manly, earthy, resinous (gritty)

apple, light perfumey red apple

floral, powdery

fruit candy, almost an apple or pear

gross, revolting, no idea what it's supposed to be

wine, maybe sangria, fruity and wine

water scent, ocean, cologne/perfume but unisex, fresh, clean

masculine, designer cologne, almost like paco rabanne but not

I will post "testing impressions" once I've completed my soap testing for these fragrances. I will also be making a few wax melts with the remaining fragrance oils so that I can melt them and sniff them in that medium.

Can I just say I'm so stoked to be a member of the Bramble Berry S.O.A.P. panel and this feels like a super adventure to me. I have discovered that I'm really bad at picking out fragrance notes and I would be absolute rubbish as a perfumist. =)

Thank you all for coming along on this journey with me, I hope you all will consider entering the giveaway I'll be hosting at the end of this testing. I'll be giving away complete sets of these soaps in all 8 fragrances so you can see exactly what I was talking about. I could use some feedback on the scents with a "fresh nose".


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