Thursday, December 12, 2013

My Holiday Wishlist

So as far as my soaping wishlist goes, here is what I'd love to receive for Christmas:

SoapMaker3 Pro Software

Soaping Oils (from top priority down)
Sweet Almond Oil - Refined (7 lbs or 35 lbs)
Apricot Kernel Oil - Refined - Food Grade 7lbs
Coconut Oil 76 degree 50lb bucket
Jojoba Oil, golden 7 lbs
Palm Oil, Refined, Sustainable, 50lb bucket
Rice Bran Oil (7 lbs or 35 lbs)

Soap Molds
18 Bar Slab Mold
With silicone liner
5 lb wooden mold with sliding bottom
With silicone liner
Big Ball silicone mold
Large French Acrylic Mold **you might need to use the translator in your browser
Tall and Narrow French Acrylic Mold **translator

Any kind of gift certificate to the following places
Nature's Garden$10.html
Bramble Berry
Rustic Escentuals

I don't reasonably expect any of these items for Christmas, considering the fact that we don't get paid again until the 20th, and most of these suppliers are experiencing drastically long wait times.. plus the shipping lag.. so yeah. Mostly this is just for me to keep in mind what I really want to prioritize once I do have any money to spend on such items.

What does your holiday wish list consist of?

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